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Reverse engineering is a method to create 3D manufacturing models from existing parts and components. The process involves disassembly, inspection, measuring a part, and reconstructing it as a 3D model. The part can then be manufactured to specified tolerances and materials. Reverse engineering is often performed when the original builder is no longer available.

A CMM, or coordinate measurement machine, is the most accurate way to measure point to point on a part. This method uses a probe that touches the part and then send that touch point to a CAD program.

Laser Scanning collects data by bouncing a laser off an object and collecting thousands of points per second. This allows freeform 3D shapes to be captured quickly and accurately.

PHT offers reverse engineering services using both CMM and Laser Scanning, the two most accurate forms of measurement.

PHT Aerospace LLC, also offers build to print service for some of our local OEM's. In today's marketplace it is often difficult for larger businesses to find a reliable small business partner like PHT Aeropsace.
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