About Us

PHT Aerospace LLC is an engineering and manufacturing firm capable of designing new parts or parts to specification. We provide help to develop specifications, reverse-engineer and re-design obsolete items, build and test prototypes, and may become your reliable manufacturing source.

PHT Aerospace LLC designs, prototypes, and manufactures items that are form, fit, and functionally equivalent to the hardware you are currently using. At the same time, if desired, we can sensibly update or refresh for: improved reliability, maintainability, and supportability. Our products are designed to meet the original environmental and EMI / EMC requirements, whatever they may be.

For more information call us at (973) 831-1230.


• Build to print

• Circuit card assemblies and other electronic components

• Power supplies, battery analyzers/chargers, battery temperature sensors

• Radar signal processing circuits

• Cables and wire assemblies, including special-purpose

• Electro-mechanical items, such as motors, armatures, rotors, stators

• Aircraft navigation lights

• General reverse engineering capabilities

• Federal Stock Classes (FSC) 5995, 5998, 5999, 6105, 6130, 6150 and more